Value in Imaging

When it comes to medical imaging, many patients do not know they have a choice in where the exam is performed. At Outpatient Diagnostic Center, we understand the meaning of value. Our exams are performed on American College of Radiology Accredited equipment and interpreted by Board Certified, specialty trained radiologists at a fraction of the cost of the local hospital or at a hospital owned imaging center.

Outpatient Diagnostic Center also believes that patients have a choice when it comes to their imaging needs. There are many factors to consider when choosing an imaging provider. Comparing all options and weighing the benefits will help patients determine a provider that offers high-quality imaging for the greatest value.


Affordability– As high deductible insurance plans dictate more financial responsibility to patients, it is beneficial to compare multiple imaging providers and shop for a more cost effective option. The facility suggested by a referring physician may not be the most affordable choice.

The cost of an imaging exam can vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Would you purchase any other product without first knowing the price? If your physician refers you to a more high cost location, contact us and we will share our price points with you to compare. By simply asking a few questions and letting your physician know you choose Outpatient Diagnostic Center, you could save hundreds of dollars.

Expertise – An accurate diagnostic outcome depends on the quality of the images produced by the technologists at the imaging center and the experience and expertise of the radiologist who interprets them. Some radiologists read images for all parts of the body but higher quality results may be obtained by radiologists who specialize in specific conditions or areas of the body. Additional training and focus may mean these specialized radiologists see things that other might miss. Their accurate diagnosis can help avoid additional expensive and potentially invasive studies and the faster start of treatment.

The imaging technology offered is also important when it comes to quality. For example, MRI scanners have varying degrees of strengths and structures that make producing a high-resolution image easier for certain body types. In general, a unit with more strength that can accommodate a variety of patients will be the best fit for the majority. There are some exceptions to this in particular cases.

Convenience- Additionally, convenience plays a part in imaging provider selection. Location of the facility in comparison to a patient’s home or work will make it easier for them to complete their study with little interruption to their day. At Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Alabama, we have three convenient locations in Huntsville, Athens and Madison.

The hours of operation will also help alleviate pressure on busy patients who find it difficult to be away from work or family during the day. Extended evening or weekend hours could be a huge benefit to many patients and would therefore weigh heavily in their choice of imaging provider. The extended evening and weekend hours at Outpatient Diagnostic Center are one of the many reasons our patients find us so accommodating.

Simplicity- Finally, it is important that the entire process be made exceptionally easy from start to finish. Outpatient Diagnostic center offers one call, hassle free scheduling, a seamless experience while in our facilities, quick results to the referring physician and ONE bill for all services!  Hospital bills can be confusing as patients receive multiple bills for each service rendered.


As the healthcare environment continues to have more patients playing an active role in their imaging provider selection, patients should consider all the variables before making a final choice and chose an imaging provider that brings the most value to them and their family.

We hope you see the value in Outpatient Diagnostic Center and look forward to being your provider of choice.